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2024 UPDATE - Bandwidth Brothers will premiere at the Raleigh Film & Art Festival, Marylin's Dark Paradise begins the festival circuit and the Musical "TO THE MOON" will premiere at the Newnan theater in Atlanta, GA.

Jason Pelsey has worked under the direction of Bev Land and Tabrez Noorani, as well as in collaboration with Composer John Nordstrom.

His music won "Best Soundtrack" at the Miami International Film Festival. In 2018, Little Black Lie won awards at the Madrid International Film Festival. In 2020, Jason's work premiered on The Bold & The Beautiful.

His formal education includes Music Technology and Production. His personal work as a session player in Los Angeles informs his diplomacy when collaborating in the studio.  

Jason's recording studio is located in Los Angeles, CA. 



TO THE MOON is a musical dramedy by Landon Ashworth & Jason Pelsey, that brings the space race to vibrant life. The musical is set against the backdrop of the world stage where history’s most famous political and scientific figures race to control the destiny of our planet and the universe beyond. From Mercury, Gemini, to Apollo missions the musical is a night of theater you’ll never forget.

Currently in pre-production

Newnan Theater - Atlanta, GA 

Summer 2024 

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